08 May 2010

Seminar Day

Woke up late, and had brunch for lunch.  Spanish-style sardines and my own cooked rice.  Attended the seminar at 2pm but it finished early, before 4pm.  I then dropped by the mini-library to look at the available references there.  I tried a coffee vending machine; one shot: 70 yen.  Not bad.  Actually I tried only the Nescafe brand.  The Japanese brands like UCC are 100 yen!  Ehehe.  I'll try them next time.

By the way, yesterday while I was about to take a shower, I discovered that I left the gas line on and probably the fire burning for around 24 hours for my shower's water heater!  Thank God nothing happened.  I really don't like this having to manually turn on and off the gas line; I'm just not used to it.  But yeah, I should get used to it.  Other than the risk, my concern now is...  I wonder how much my gas bill is!

So, Sunday again tomorrow and it's my first 2nd Sunday of the month.  So I had to look for another church.  I found that the 2nd nearest church could be just 50 minutes away from my apartment: the Yamato Catholic Church.  Unfortunately it doesn't anymore have or I can't find its official website, so I can't confirm the actual English mass schedule.  So I'll try anyway.  Based on other websites, their English mass schedules are at 1:30pm every 2nd and 4th Sunday, and maybe a Tagalog mass at 1:30pm every 5th Sunday.  I might just frequent this church, except of course on the 3rd Sundays of the month when I will go to the Atsugi Catholic Church (just 30 minutes away), on the 1st Sundays of the month when I might go to the churches in Hiratsuka or Fujisawa (over an hour away), if I am going to the nearest IKEA I might as well go to mass at the home of the Yokohama Diocese in Sacred Heart Cathedral (also known as Yamate Church), and if I am going to Tokyo anyway so I might as well go to one of the churches in Tokyo.

When in Tokyo I might not go to Tachikawa again; it just too far.  The shortest commute times would be to the church near Yotsuya (where I heard, many Filipinos are regulars) and near the Todai (Tokyo Daigaku = University of Tokyo) Komaba Campus.  I could go to the church in Meguro to meet up with my college friend, Coy, though she's staying here only until August I think.  Or in Kichijoji or Roppongi.  Many choices in Tokyo; the catch is it's at least an hour and 30 minutes away on average.  But for these places I'm considering, they're just within 15 minutes from Shinjuku.

I prepared this matrix to help me decide which churches to go to:
Hopefully the schedules don't change and this could help fellow Filipinos and/or other English-speaking people find the nearest church from around here in Atsugi.

For dinner I'll just buy ready-to-heat, freshly-prepared meat and vegetable ulam to accompany my rice.  Oh and I should not forget to get some bananas!

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