09 May 2010


Unfortunately no...

I got up early enough.  Had brunch of canned tuna and banana and my cooked rice.  Left early enough.  I got to the Minami-Rinkan station early enough.  I got to the Yamato Church early enough for the, supposedly 1:30pm mass, or at least according to this, this, this, and this.  Sigh, and I thought the Philippines was so behind when it comes to website updating.  I can't read Japanese but apparently the masses there are at 10:00, so that means I have to leave home 8:30am next time.  I have to look for another church to go to for my 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of the month.  Well, I look forward to mass again in the Atsugi Catholic Church next week.  So...  No communion for me, but I resort instead to this for a homily.  It comes out a day late though because it's from a church in the US and it's already Monday here in East Asia when it is Sunday there and when the video comes out.

The area around the church and the Minami-Rinkan station is much like a developed sub-urban place ("probinsya," in Filipino colloquial terms), but it is just like Tokyo: mostly flat and mostly 2-storey homes and only a very small part where there are many commercial and tall buildings, very clean, well paved roads, disciplined pedestrians, very few moving cars relative to the number of people.  I saw a KFC there right outside the station.

Anyways, I was feeling tired so I decided to just go back to Atsugi.  I still have to buy groceries, and I wanted to look for an ATM machine where I can probably use my Philippines-based ATM card.  Could be expensive though.  My ATM card is Cirrus/Maestro/MasterCard affiliated.  I had no luck in downtown Atsugi; all the ATMs I saw there only accept Visa and Diner's Club and AmEx and some Japanese ATM networks.  I only discovered that there's a Burger King, Mister Donut, and Baskin & Robbins.

And then after dropping off my groceries at home, I went straight to school and had dinner here - my own cooked rice, and grilled squid and salad I bought at the grocery store.  And banana.  What a no-day.  But thankfully I am all safe and have something to eat.

By the way, I also subscribed to http://www.dailygospel.org/ so I regularly receive the daily readings. :-)

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  1. I discovered that there are many online Catholic Sunday mass videos out there. Here's one; check it out for yourself. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/new/st.-francis-old-catholic-church,-southampton