24 May 2010

Still rainy

It has still been rainy the whole day, nonstop!  Except maybe around 7:30pm when it stopped.  But it's not like very heavy rain, but it's just continuous.  And for 2 days straight now.  Forecast tomorrow is sunny and clear in the daytime with a high of 26 degrees, and partly cloudy nighttime.  Rain comes back Wednesday and it maybe raining until Friday!

Maybe because of 3 straight days of basketball (Wed-Fri) and then biking on Sat and then Tokyo on Sun (and waking up earlier than usual), I felt tired already, earlier than usual, last night.  And this morning I woke up at around 10:30am already!

Other than that, it's the usual day.  Lunch by-the-pound.  Reading, etc.  Dinner at home.

Dinner was my own cooked rice, the usual frozen side veggies, and...  I tried this new frozen ulam - I was not sure if it was pork or chicken at first but it turned out to be chicken.  Tasted good.  There were 12 pieces in one pack, but I only finished 9.  For dessert, I had about a quarter pint of green tea ice cream.  Yum. mee. :-9

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