25 May 2010


Last night actually I had trouble sleeping, for a lot of reasons.  Maybe the green tea iced cream???  Anyways, I was able to sleep only at around 7am, I think, after taking my breakfast.  Yup, 7am.  And got up at 10:30am.

So I was finding it difficult to sleep last night, and then at around 4am I noticed there was some light already behind the curtains.  At around 4:30am I looked outside and saw there was sunlight already!  I checked my sunrise/sunset calculator and found out that indeed here in Japan sunrise is around 4:30am during this time of the year.  To pass the time, I was playing some what I call "mindless" games like Minesweeper and Backgammon, but I also finished a number of easy Kakuro puzzles.

Anyways...  Obviously lack of sleep is not good for anyone.  Your mental faculties won't be functioning 100%. (Just enough to blog.  Haha.)  And physically I know I would have trouble sustaining my usual physical activities.  And generally your blood pressure goes up when you lack sleep.  Yikes.

I didn't plan on playing basketball today, for the reason being I wanted to rest until our next basketball game.  My teammate (from China) and I lost two games to the other team (Korea+China) last time and I thought it was just because of exhaustion from playing 3 straight days, and we want to win our next one!  So 5pm came and so everyone was getting ready to go to the gym.  The plan was to play ping pong if it is possible (usually the ping pong area is being used also for Futsal - indoor 5-a-side soccer/football).  I didn't bring the proper for-basketball attire and I said I would just come to play ping pong, but if there was no ping pong I will just come back to my desk.  So there was no ping pong and I wanted to just shoot some hoops.  And then there was just 3 of them - and me.  And then...  Well they convinced me to get my basketball gear (from my apartment), and they'll wait for me.

My shoes were actually at my "office," on the 3rd floor.  So I went up to the 3rd floor first to get my shoes, walk back down, and then walk to my apartment.  Inside my apartment, it was so hot.  I left my curtains on and so because it was a sunny day there was like a greenhouse effect inside the apartment.  I was sweating!  But I changed already to my basketball shorts and shirt and socks, and then I decided I should just go to the gym by bike.  It is farther away than my "office" building, and so I could save some time and we might be able to play longer instead of walking.

And so we played one game, up to 20.  It was very tiring, especially for me.  We were down 12-7 I think at probably the midpoint of the match.

But we won, 20-14.  Yay!

And just one game we played because we thought it was better to play less but often (like eating less but often), and one of the guys had a meet-up to go to.  And so here I am.  Tired, physically.  And mentally.  I wasn't able to do much today, in terms of studying and stuff. :(  Need to go double time tomorrow.

For lunch, it was the usual, by-the-pound.  For dinner, I was supposed to have these gyoza-looking frozen food, like the others I bought which you just microwave and then eat.  But no, it wasn't microwaveable!  Yikes!  I guess I have to steam it or something.  Oh well, it can wait another day.

The high today was 26 degrees, but it felt hot and humid like Manila when I was walking around 1:30pm from the cafeteria back to my office.  Tomorrow, the forecast high is 23 degrees, sunny but with chances of rain.

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