26 May 2010


Felt like the real spring weather today.  Not too warm, not too cold.  Little bit rainy from around 12:30 to around 7:30pm.  And other than that, it's the usual day.  School stuff.  Basketball.  Busy.  Lunch at the usual place.  Dinner as usual: my rice, veggies, and frozen dinner (burger "chunks" actually :-D, ate them with Heinz tomato ketchup).

Basketball was 2 against 3, me and Mr. #1 Basketball Player from Korea (we all think so), against the two guys from China, and the girl from Italy.  We beat them in the first game, but they were scorching hot from the outside in the 2nd game where we lost.

After basketball, I checked out my weight and I registered at 86kg (189lbs) - 1kg (2lbs) lighter than my usual when I was in Manila!  And I was wearing shoes, jeans, and two layers of clothes.  But I'm still "overweight." :-(  My BMI is bordering around 25, and assuming 23 is a good BMI to maintain, I still need to lose 5~6kg (11~13lbs)!

I was supposed to eat my dinner at my desk, but I forgot to bring my eating utensils!  So after heating my food I had to bring them home and eat there.  Not a bad thing to do, to eat dinner at home away from the work-work-work environment at school.

On my way home, being so thirsty after basketball, I bought a drink from a vending machine.  I thought a Coke or Pepsi would go well with my burgers. It's a good thing the vendo on the way home did not have any.  So I thought I will buy one of my favorite drinks, a thirst quenching drink only from Japan: Pocari Sweat.  The 500mL bottle was 150 yen, 10 yen more expensive than from the vendos inside the campus.  I thought I should just try out the other brands.  I tried this drink called "Calpis Soda" - I don't really know what it is but it tasted great.  I guess it's soda - but what flavor, I don't know.  At some point I thought it might be milk soda...  Is there such a thing?  But well it quenched my thirst.  That together with 500mL of another thirst-quenching drink only from Japan: Atsugi Water Company's tap water.  :-D

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