27 May 2010

What time is it?

Nan-ji desu ka?

That's about most of the new things we learned today at Nihonggo class. How to say the time, in Japanese.

Other than that it's the usual day. Lunch by the pound. Reading (or trying to). I ate dinner here at my desk; different ulam, but practically the same as yesterday. No basketball. Boring.

But oh, I passed by the library today to return the 2 books I borrowed weeks back, and borrowed 4 new books. Well, actually they're not so new - the newest book of the 4 was published 1991. English books are hard to come by here in this school. The English books are stacked so deep inside the library, if you didn't know or aren't really interested, you won't find it. And they don't really have the newer English books there. But maybe they're with the professors...

What time is it? Time to study and prepare for my July 1 meeting with the professor about my research topic!

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