02 June 2010


Far away I am
But you are not, for my heart
beats your voice always

A haiku for you, my dear. :-*

Anyways, today I was able to prepare (finally!) the draft manuscript of my Professor for submission to a certain journal.  Actually he already has a paper ready, with two versions: one presented in 2006 and the other in 2008; both published in unrefereed conferences - and so now he would like to publish to a refereed journal.  So actually the effort wasn't that much on my part.  It just took me practically one (long) whole day.

Other than that mini-accomplishment (next step for that is a discussion meeting with the Professor), today is a usual Wednesday.  Lunch by-the-pound.  Basketball.  Picadillo dinner.  Nothing new.

Oh, in basketball, one of the more senior Korean researchers joined us and so we played 2 on 3 basketball.  Of 3 games we played, I won in 2!  Yay!  :-)

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