24 June 2010


Ho hum.  I did wake up early though and got to the office early.  Everyone was surprised.  I was too.  Nope, no early classes today.  I just woke up really early, and not with any lack of sleep.  Anyways, same-same.  Busy-busy.  Nilaga lunch and Tinola dinner.  One more batch of Nilaga and that's the end of my Pinoy food for the week; that's the end of my week again!  Nihongo class was... normal.  Sleepy during class, probably because of the weather.  Daytime high was 30 degrees.  But in the evening it was still quite cool for my standards.  We finished all Hiragana characters (syllabication characters for Japanese words; versus the symbolic Kanji/Chinese characters) already and next week we will start with Katakana characters (syllabication characters for borrowed words, such as "sen-ta" for center, or "ba-ga" for burger, or "pasokon" for personal computer, or "aipodu" for iPod, or "eakon" for aircon, "basu" for bus, "gasu" for gas, "poteto" for french fries, "kora" for Coca-Cola, "banana" for banana, "kohi" for coffee, "miruku" for milk, "teburu" for table, "kizzu" for kids, "setto" for set meals or value meals, "pen" for pen, "pan" for bread, "Firipin" for Philippines, and so on).  And that's about it for today. :-D

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