25 June 2010

No class!

Class was cancelled today!  Our professor has a speaking engagement in Tokyo and he had to catch the 11:25am bus from TPU to Hon-Atsugi.  And our class was supposed to start at 11:00am.  We wouldn't have time for any relevant lecture so we will just meet again next week and most probably extend into August (end of semester is in end of July).

Anyways, other than, I was a little busy today.  I had the groove, the momentum, and I capitalized.  Also played basketball with "betting."  Of the "relevant" games, the two teams won one game each (both with scores of 15-13), and so no one won the betting.

Lunch was at the by-the-pound cafeteria, and dinner was the last of my Nilagang Baboy and Pinoy food for the week.  Tomorrow is laundry, seminar, grocery, and cooking day.  Sunday is Tokyo day.  :-)

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