26 June 2010


It's the usual Saturday.  Almost.  Woke up, did my laundry - three batches, two colors and one whites - because I do my laundry only once every two weeks.  Went to school for lunch at the cafeteria - Torikatsu with salad, and side veggies and miso soup, and "L" size bowl of rice.  Then Saturday seminar where one PhD student and one researcher make presentations.  Then off to do grocery shopping.  Then cooking for the week.

This time I cooked 3 dishes - Pork Kinilaw (or "Sisig"), Pork Adobo, and... Adobong.......... "Water Spinach" (saucy version)...  a.k.a. "Swamp Cabbage" (not-so-saucy version), a.k.a. Kang-Kong (Pinoy/Chinese version)! :-D  Almost an all-pork show, wasn't it?  Anyways, for the Pork Kinilaw, I think I overcooked the pork, but anyways, it looks like it will taste great.  I'm supposed to have grilled pork, but my supposedly stove-top griller worked more like a frying pan than a griller!  So instead it somewhat fried the 6 pieces of pork chops I was "grilling" in its own fat & oil.  Would you believe that those 6 pieces of pork chops gave me about a little over half a cup of oil???  And I didn't put any oil beforehand!  Yikes, imagine if you just cooked that much pork directly, you wouldn't have removed all that oil...  And cholesterol!  The pork chops I cut into very small pieces of course, after "grilling."

Anyways, for the Pork Adobo, this time I used pork chops again!  Actually I bought 1.5kg of pork chops.  For the Adobo, I intended to chop up the pork first before cooking but...  I was feeling a little lazy so I decided to make it a Pork Chop Adobo instead.  I guess Pork Chop Adobo is for lazy people!  Hahaha.

And then the Kang-Kong.  Actually as we speak, it is still cooking, but it is looking and smelling good already.  My first time to cook Adobong Kang-Kong.  Actually, when I bought it I wasn't sure if it was Kang-Kong.  Then I was feeling lazy again and I didn't chop up garlic anymore for this Adobo.  Instead I used garlic flakes/powder, which I think works out well for this dish.

And that, my friend, is a usual Saturday. :-D

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