15 June 2010

Summer is near...

They say that seasons here in Japan are so well defined.  So there's the start of spring with the blooming of the cherry blossoms in early April (or earlier, depending on how far south you are).  Then there's the rainy month from ~June 15 (i.e. today) to ~July 15.  Then "summer."  Hot & humid summer.

This rainy month itself means a rise in humidity, although to me it is still cool & comfortable.  But, the forecast temperatures for the next 5 days have highs in the upper 20s (possibly going above 30 degrees) and lows still above 20 degrees!  This is the first time since I got here when the lows are above 20 degrees.  It's Manila-in-February weather, sans the rain.  Actually the rain itself isn't like the tropical rain usually from thunderstorms that we experience back in the Philippines.  No, none of those heavy drops that could hurt your eye if you look straight up.  The rain here is like a spray of mist.  You walk 5 minutes in the rain and you won't be soaking wet just yet.  When it rains and people here need to ride their bicycles, they hold their umbrellas while cycling.

Anyways, lunch was the last of my yummy Postek and those yummy caramelized onions.  I hit the jackpot this time with the Postek, though it's not as great with lemon instead of tropical lemon (or is it tropical lime?), a.k.a. kalamansi.  And the last of my romaine lettuce and the usual cherry tomatoes, Italian dressing, and bacon bits.  Dinner was Sinigang.  Yummy Sinigang.  It was really good.  I love kang kong in the Sinigang.  I put too much Sinigang mix though and it would probably be a little too sour for others, but for me, I loved it.  I just really love Sinigang.  In between lunch and dinner, is the usual study, study, study, but we also played basketball.  We had drinks at stake for our last game, which we won.  That evens up the score; a few games ago, we lost the "betting."

For breakfast, you wouldn't believe what I had.  Guess what.  Clue: there's peanut butter...  In a sandwich...  ....of crackers.....  Any idea?  It's Magic Flakes peanut butter sandwich crackers!  Imported from the Philippines, I guess.  The makers of Magic Flakes, Jack n' Jill, as far as I know is owned by Universal Robina Corporation, the same guys that brought us the 85-peso store, Saizen, and Mini Stop, which are both from Japan.  The Magic Flakes packaging has its very recognizable logo but otherwise, most other characters are in Japanese.  I bought these - 8 mini-packs in one pack - at the 100-yen store.  That gives me like 7 peso breakfast.  Cool!  Other stuff I bought at the 100-yen store includes this Nestle Bono, which I think is similar to Oreo cookies.  We'll see.

Jaa ne.

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