16 June 2010


Yesterday I said the rain here was like a spray of mist.  It was not so late in the evening.  It was like tropical rain, very strong downpour.  But when I woke up this morning it was a sunshining, clear sky.

Guess what that results in.  Yup.

You get a lot of the rain water collected on the ground, heated up and turned into moisture.  Humidity.  And ye not from humid countries know what humidity can do.

Yup.  It was certainly very hot today.  The weather stations report that the daytime high was 31 degrees.  But when I walked around at around 2pm, I held my thermometer up to measure the heat because it didn't feel like just 31 degrees.  It felt more like 36 degrees, like it showed on my thermometer!  I worked up a sweat just walking towards school.

In the afternoon at around 4pm the sun was still hot of course, but the winds were blowing and they were cooler and so it wasn't that uncomfortable, particularly when you are in the shade.

Anyways, busy day as usual.  Lunch was Sinigang.  And dinner was Adobo.  Adobo was okay.  The vinegar isn't that strong, but maybe the meat was more of my concern; I didn't boil it well enough so that it becomes really soft and tender.  But it wasn't bad.  Next time I have to choose better, leaner cuts unlike this chunky/cubic cut that I got.  I think I will do Adobo again this weekend. :-)

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