17 June 2010


I had trouble sleeping last night (Wednesday night) and then today I had two classes.  Lunch was "Chikin katsu" with lots of side veggies and miso soup at the 1st cafeteria.  Right after class, I decided to go home, eat dinner first then go back to the office.  When I got home, I realized I don't have rice anymore.  So I cooked rice.  The rice takes a long time to cook.  Then I fell asleep!  For four hours maybe.  I ate my dinner - the last of my Sinigang - at past 10pm already.  I didn't return anymore to the office because it was already so late.  Fortunately, I was able to access the internet and made a Skype call to Mara. :-)  I slept a little late again, but not that late.  Today was hot again, but it rained in the evening.  Actually since I woke up so late, I went to my 1st class without taking a shower yet.  And so when I got home after my 2nd (Nihongo) class, I took a shower.  That probably also contributed to my falling asleep.  The nice "bed weather" (rainy) also contributed to my falling asleep.  Sleep is good. :-)

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