30 July 2010

And it goes on and on and on

This has been happening since Sunday; I can't sleep not until past 4am already.  But last night was worse; I slept not at all, not until 9:30am this morning.  And so I woke up already at around 2pm.  And yep, I missed my class.  Maybe subconsciously I really did not want to attend that class; it is a very difficult class.  Anyways, I didn't really intend on missing class though.

I did have breakfast at around 7am when I already gave up trying to sleep already.  But because I slept past lunch, I first bought lunch at the convenience store and ate them at my desk.  I bought a rice bento meal with burger, chicken, sausage, potatoes, and egg, and a red sauce spaghetti with sausage and eggs.  People were surprised that I got me two orders.  I always get that.  I ate lunch already around 3pm.

5pm came and it was basketball time.  I played it a little easy the whole time.  The first game was a 3-on-3 and I forgot who won.  I think no one did because one of our players got injured.  On the 2nd game it was just 2-on-2 but my teammate, with the intention to stop our opponent from scoring, unintentionally hit him on the face and sent his glasses flying down.  Our opponent didn't like it and so he ended the match.  We were one point away from victory though, and well, so because our opponent ended the match, we did not get the opportunity to win.  Oh well.

And then as usual after basketball and a shower, I went home, hung up my wet clothes and towel, and drank a lot of water and sports drink (Aquarius, Coke's Japan version of Gatorade).  Because I ate lunch very late plus the lots of fluid intake, I felt full and decided not to eat dinner just yet.  Instead I brought my dinner to school, so that in case I feel hungry I could eat.

Today was warmer than yesterday, and it was so hot and humid inside the gym and even in the locker room.  My sports clothes were drenched, and even after showering, I still sweat a bit.

I'm being invited tomorrow to watch some fireworks in an annual festival held at the Sumida River in Tokyo.  Next week, the annual festival held at the Sagami River which bisects Atsugi will also feature fireworks.  There will be lots of street food, people dancing and singing, and lots of people!  There are many big and small festivals all around Japan, all featuring fireworks usually during the summer.  Can't wait to see one!

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