31 July 2010


I was able to sleep relatively early last night (before 1am), and woke up quite early today, maybe around 7am!  And so I was able to go to school early.  I did feel hungry early though, like it was only 11:30am.  So I went home for lunch at 12am.  Actually I passed by the convenience store first to buy salad.  I finished the last of my chicken adobo.  Then...  I fell asleep, this was probably around 1:30pm.

At this point, there was no word yet from my friend as to what time and where is the meet-up for watching the fireworks in Tokyo and so I didn't try so hard to fight the urge to sleep.  I woke up maybe around 5:30pm and I have a ~2pm message from my friend saying we should meet up around 5:15pm.  Oh no!  I missed it.  I mean if I still went on, I would have made it to the meet-up place at 7:30pm.  My friend called and said it'll probably be all over when I get there.  So...  I have to wait another week before the next one.  So there's going to be one here in Atsugi next week, but apparently there's another one in Tokyo as well!

Anyways, after waking up, I went to the grocery, and bought quite a lot of stuff today.  I'm out of cash already!  I'll have to donate another 105 yen to the bank ("overtime fee" for withdrawing from the ATM on a Sunday).

I also bought me a "chi-zu piza" (cheese pizza) which is actually a Japanese style pizza with nori (seaweed, similar to the one used for sushi rolls), teriyaki chicken, tuna, corn, and mayo.  I had it for dinner while I was boiling chicken for... boiled chicken!  (Because I don't have all the ingredients to make tinola.)  I also boiled pork to make... nilagang baboy. :-D  And then ginisang giniling with gulaypechay to be exact.  I finished everything at around 12pm.

Ah, August and Everything After. :-)

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