11 July 2010


Well, no, I wasn't drunk last night, but "for my age," and not really being a regular drinker, it was a little bit more than I could take for the next day (today) to be normal and as if nothing happened yesterday.

Anyways, Windows Media Player has this problem of not playing playlists right away (which serves as my alarm) because it asks you if it is okay to "erase" the previous playlist with the new one, even if they're both the same.  And so my alarm didn't work and I woke up quite late; too late to get to the 12 noon mass in the 2-hour away Meguro area.  But actually I was also feeling a little bit like, I want to rest some more!  Anyhow, I had to go to mass and so, without having eaten lunch yet, I left home and took the 3:20pm bus.

I got to Hon-Atsugi and suddenly I felt the hunger so I had me a quick, whopping meal. :-D  I got to Komabatodaimae (that translates to "In front of Todai/Tokyo Daigaku/University of Tokyo, Komaba campus") station at just before 5pm.  Took me a little while walking, then I got in time for the Gloria part of the 5pm mass at the Piarist Catholic Chapel.  The mass finished at only a little past 5:30pm.  Wow.  So it took me 1 hour & 40+ minutes coming here, attended a 30-minute mass, and took another hour and 40 minutes going home.  I didn't ever think I'd be commuting that long this regularly!  In the Philippines, while traffic is slow, I usually travel only an hour and a half at most, particularly when I haven't yet found the "optimum" route, though usually it comes to around just an hour or less when you use the train system.  Of course this is no comparison to my situation back in the Philippines were I lived in Metro Manila and worked and went to mass also in Metro Manila.  Here I'm like in faraway, provincial Bulacan and I have to go to mass in Metro Manila.

Anyways, on the way home I dropped by the grocery store to buy my food for the week.  I was planning to buy salmon for grilling, as well as side veggies (pechay and carrots), and pork adobo and pork nilaga.  Alas, there was no more ribs/buto-buto part for the nilaga, so I just ended up buying... steak. :-D  I bought a little extra side veggies to go with my soon-to-be-grilled steak.  :-D  Not bad actually - each piece of meat that sells for around 180 pesos at a nothing-fancy restaurant in the Philippines, costs me only around 125 pesos here.  Of course I have to do the cooking, and if you have to consider my current hourly professional rate, then it is a very expensive......  nevermind. :-D

I also bought pizza for dinner.  Ate it with ground black pepper and Tabasco.  Yummy.  Oh, and today was generally rainy, and my umbrella, which I bought for around 300 pesos (6 dollars) in Singapore is now starting to show some signs of ageing.  I better get me a new umbrella!

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