12 July 2010

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Twice in the past month or so, I ordered from Amazon.co.jp (the Japanese version of Amazon.com) and their deliveries usually arrived in the morning.  So yesterday I ordered something again from Amazon expecting their delivery to arrive in the morning.  It arrived at 4pm.  Wasted day spent waiting.  Well, not really.  I am able to log on to my work computer from home, so I was able to do a few things here and there.  Thankfully I have good-enough internet access today, from home.  Two days ago, the connection was really, really bad.  Now with the arrival of my newest purchase from Amazon, I hope those bad connection days are a thing of the past.

I remember now the other type of bread that we were served at Bombay, the Indian restaurant where we ate all we can last Saturday: Parota!  (or Paratha.)  I found a nice site that lists all types of Indian breads, with photos:
So Nan is supposed to be spelled Naan, apparently!  And that type of Indian bread that I like very much, which is almost similar in texture to tortillas, is called Papad.  Now I really know.  I like Naan better than Paratha, specially the Garlic Naan.  Yummy.

One other bizarre, surprising-to-see-but-not-really thing I encountered yesterday was...  A road accident, right here in scarcely populated, suburban/rural Atsugi.  I was on my way home on the bus, when the bus driver suddenly stepped on the breaks.  No, it wasn't to avoid the accident from happening, but it was because there was already traffic building up and a little bit (as in a teeny weeny little bit) of commotion.  I wondered why. Initially I thought someone was going to disembark but realized his stop just passed, and so the driver was hesitating whether to stop or not.  Alas, when I turned to the right (the other side of the road), there lay a person (apparently a girl) lying flat on her front on the road!  And everyone was like, just watching.  I also saw stuff scattered here and there.  I was wondering what happened there!  The first thought that came to mind was that the girl was riding a motorcycle and then an accident happened.  I initially thought those stuff scattered were body parts!  Then again, I was probably just in shock of what I saw, and apparently everyone too, who were all just standing there.  No one was trying to help the girl.  Maybe they were waiting for the police?  I thought, man, if you ever get involved in accident here, you might not get help as soon as you need it!  Anyways, maybe the accident was very fresh.  But, it wasn't like people were shock.  They were just standing there with almost blank faces.  Or at least, that's what I can recall.  Actually, I don't recall seeing any blood - so that probably rules out the scattered body parts bit.  It was just probably the shock.  Now, come to think of it, one other possibility was it was a demonstrator who wanted to cause such a commotion by blocking the road.  Or that she was just ever so slightly bumped but then she made it look like it was a very serious accident so that maybe she can make huge claims.  She was just so flat on the ground, hands on the side, legs unfolded; it didn't feel natural, actually.  Well, how's that for an early Halloween true story.  Scary.  Upon seeing what had happened, I did say a little prayer for the poor girl and her loved ones.  If it wasn't such a big accident, for whatever actually happened, may God bless her!

So, on to today.  Lunch was YUM, MEE.  It's as Y-U-M-M-Y as it gets with a 5-letter word: S-T-E-A-K. What did I do with it?  G-R-I-L-L.  ed.  :-D  Well I did put a little too much salt, just a little too much, but it wasn't so bad.  I also put pepper and garlic flakes as well.  The meat was so tender and it was just naturally juicy, for some reason, but not as fatty and oily as the pork steak cuts I bought.  No need for steak sauce.  I ate it together with steamed carrots and pechay.  Perfect combination.

Dinner was Pork Adobo.  Either I put too much vinegar or didn't put enough soy sauce, but it's still good.  I ate the Adobo with steamed pechay.  Yummy!

Because of having to stay home, I drank a lot of fluids today.  I almost finished a carton (1 liter) of this "vegetable" juice by Kagome, one of the leading juice/beverage brands here in Japan.  This is 225 yen per carton, if I remember correctly; much more expensive than the 150 yen per carton (again, if I remember correctly) brand I bought last week.  Compare that to the 88 yen per carton for a regular fruit juice carton.  But this Kagome one has more ingredients: 21 different veggies and 3 kinds of fruits!  Carrots, bell pepper, broccoli, asparagus, pumpkin, eggplant, radish, maybe onion, and various types of leafy vegetables, plus "ringo," "orenji," and "remon."  (Apple, orange, and lemon.)  It's not great, but it's really good.  I hope my body can absorb the vitamins and minerals!

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