02 July 2010

How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds

Hai, dozo!  Click the link.  Here's another link.

I tried doing this and sure, it's easy but it doesn't work for me because I fold my clothes 2 times (they are tri-fold), as opposed to the once-folded/two-fold.  My tri-fold clothes take up less horizontal space so I can group them into more groups.

Anyways, today is the usual Friday.  Ho hum.  Food was the same as yesterday.  Class as usual.  And I did play basketball, but only for fun.  I got my shooting back but, as people here would say, it is "no meaning," because there weren't anything at stake.  The good thing was, it was good exercise and not too exhausting.  My knee feels great now.

I felt sleepy in the afternoon - I think it's because of the heat.  But actually it's not so hot, not like in Manila.  It was as high as 29 degrees today, but the last couple of days as well as the next 5 days sees 23 degrees in the evening - no need for air-conditioning, unlike two or three couple of nights ago when I had to turn on the air-conditioning.

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