03 July 2010

Long day

Saturday was.  Woke up late.  Had lunch of frozen, ready-to-heat-then-eat ulams.  Then off grocery shopping.  Then cooking.  It probably took me 4 or 5 hours total to cook 3 dishes.  And it was very tiring.  I prepared nilagang baka, nilagang manok, and picadillo (also known as "giniling").

I was supposed to cook nilagang baboy, but when I got to the supermarket, they surprisingly did not anymore have the boney/ribs part of pork that I usually buy for nilaga or sinigang.  So I settled with beef.  I think I bought beef that was intended to be as a steak though.  Hope it comes out well.  Actually it doesn't look like nilagang baka.  Then again, it's been a very long while since I last had nilagang baka and I don't really know what it looks like.  I have a lot of lettuce and pechay as veggies in this nilaga.

I was also supposed to cook tinolang manok, but since I can't find any chayote, and of course green papaya, I settled with just a plain boiled chicken dish.  I like the chicken soup that is a result of this dish but it's all chicken.  So I also bought some more pechay for blanching or steaming, to go with this nilagang manok.

And the picadillo.  It always tastes good.  One of my favorites.  I like that it is easy to eat, too.

One of the "toy" purchases I made this Saturday, particularly from the 100-yen store, is this microwave rice cooker thingy.  It can cook at most one cup of rice.  I tried it out and voila, rice!  And it cooked in the microwave for just 18 minutes.  But actually, I think I did not put enough water in it.  So it turned out a little on the crunchy side; not how I want rice.  But of course, food is food and it is always a blessing. :-)

I also bought a microwave steamer thingy.  I'll try it out on veggies or dimsum next time.  Today I didn't pass by the office at all.  We didn't have any seminars or what.

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