14 July 2010

New bed

Last Sunday I ordered a shingeru beddo furemo (single-size bed frame) from Amazon.co.jp, and it was scheduled to arrive this Wednesday between 10:00 and 12:00.  Guess what.  My class was at 11:00.  I e-mailed the Amazon Marketplace shop owner to send it before 11:00, but to no avail.  Thankfully, the order arrived around 10:30am, and I was able to assemble it and make it in time for class!  Ahh, the comfort of sleeping above the floor.  Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with sleeping on a mat/futon/mattress on the floor, but it's just a little less effort to go up or lie down when your bed is almost as high as your knee.  Anyways, this past 3 months has also been the longest time I've slept on the floor.

The bed I bought has steel pipe legs and frame, but on it is a wooden platform (not as strong as the typical wood used for building homes though), and that together with my current futon was enough for me.  I was earlier pondering on whether I should get a real (foam) mattress but I decided to try this set-up first.  Works well for me.  I also like that there's probably 40cm (16 inches) of space underneath the bed, so there's extra room for some storage, and that sort of helped tidy up my room.  Of course, I also did a little brooming to clean up the room.  Dust kind of accumulates here in a matter of weeks.

Other than that...  I still feel tired from yesterday.  My head's not "in the game" so much.  I had pork adobo with steamed pechay for lunch, and steak for dinner together with this cabbage salad with sesame oil and chili garlic for dressing, which I bought from the convenience store because I didn't have any veggies anymore.  Is it still called salad even if there's only one ingredient?  Ehehe.  Anyways, I also bought banana (first time I ate banana in a number of weeks now) and ice cream, which seems like a plain vanilla flavor.  I have yet to try it out, but I'm sure it's tasty.

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