25 July 2010

Where did my Sunday go?

Woke up really, really late - 2pm.  Caught the 3:50pm bus, just in time to make the 4:14pm train going to Komabatodaimae station for the 5pm English mass at the chapel, just less than a 5-minute walk from the Komabatodaimae station.  When I got to Hon-Atsugi station to board the train, it hit me.  I haven't eaten lunch yet!  It was going to be another 45 minutes travel going, plus the 30-minute mass before I can eat.  Can't wait!  So I grabbed me a chicken sandwich at BK.  Took me 15 minutes (including the wait)!  So now I was going to miss half the mass.  Oh well.

I tried doing my grocery shopping at the SATY (department store) basement this time around.  I noticed that the prices are generally more expensive (like the cheapest 1L of milk and 5kg of rice is 99 and 1850 yen respectively, versus 88 and 1650 yen respectively at Atsugi Trellis), and my bill was nearly 6000 yen (or around 4150 yen without the 5kg rice).  I guess overall it wasn't bad.  I didn't buy any breakfast or snack food though.  I did forget to buy tomatoes for cooking; I only got me some cherry tomatoes for a salad.  I am to prepare chicken adobo (my first time to), pork steak, and grilled salmon.  I'll eat these with veggies on the side, of course.  I bought pechay and some kind of lettuce, as well as the cherry tomatoes.  I didn't find any peeled and ready-to-eat, sweet baby carrots though I still have half a small pack of it at home.  Thankfully the bananas here (by Dole) are all not-so-ripe yet, unlike at AT were usually the bananas are good for only a day.

Today was hot as usual.  My inner shirt caught some sweat and I was not able to change shirts immediately when I got home; I almost caught a cold.  Good thing I noticed it early enough and so I changed when I did notice that I was about to catch a cold. The heat and humidity is really a little bothersome.

Of course I only cooked the adobo and the pork steak.  The grilled salmon is reserved for when I am about to eat them.  Which maybe the next day. :-D

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