06 May 2012

Why "Japan! Japan!"?

Japan, Japan: natural and cultural wonders
Happy Holidays! Golden Week holidays, that is, for those of us in Japan. And Labor Day Holiday Weekend, that is, for folks in the Philippines.

Some of you probably wondered, why "Japan! Japan!" for a blog name. Well it's three things.

First, before I embarked on my (2nd) journey here in Japan, that's how my very good friends wished me well.  They greeted me "Japan! Japan!" And by Japan, they actually meant J.A.P.A.N. - Just Always Pray At Night.

Secondly, it was my second sojourn in Japan, so it wasn't gonna be just a simple Japan blog like last time that was easily (attempted to be) copied by other people months later. So this time around, it was going to be a Japan! Japan! blog. While in my Japan 2005 blog, I was a little bit "diplomatic," as where the people I met were, since I was only a visitor for two months, in the current "Japan! Japan!" blog series, I'm in a more hostile situation and so I have had to be a little bit more fierce, like that dragon in the photo accompanying this article.

Thirdly, it's catchy and unique. I haven't found other Japan-related blogs named like so. I've so far only found one movie entitled "Japan Japan" - note the absence of exclamation points - which I strongly don't recommend to watch, by the way. It is an indie film but it would probably be a for-Adults-only movie. And then there's this Vimeo also entitled "Japan Japan," showing a video of a couple singing a song because they ♥ Japan.

I could think of a number of other justifications and what not for "Japan! Japan!," but you know what, those three are my only real reasons. And actually, I did not name it "Japan! Japan!" until after I started video blogging and some nut already got japanjapan.blogspot.com. But that's not as cool as japan.ronjie.com because I can tell my friends or put in my videos something like, "Visit Japan! ...dot ronjie dot com." :-D

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