24 July 2012

Bento Series BreakTime #13: "Kougei Don"

It's practically summer vacation already for the students here so the "by-the-pound"/"buffet" cafeteria is now closed until classes resume in the fall term (September). So off to the old cafeteria where I had me this rice bowl ("donburi") dish called "Kougei Don." Kougei comes from the name of our school in Japanese, Toukyou Kougei Daigaku, which translates to Tokyo Polytechnic University. Kougei by itself actually means industrial arts. What Kougei Don actually is is "fuwa tamago katsu don," literally translating to "soft egg pork cutlet rice bowl." Served with some shreds of nori on top, I actually like this dish a lot. For my dose of "glow" food to complement the mostly "go" and "grow" of this donburi dish, I also got me some spinach on the side. The donburi is 399 yen for an "M-size" and 551 yen totally with the spinach. I washed it all down with the free, nomihoudai (drink-all-you-can) cold tea. Oh and by the way, if you're coming from the Philippines, all cold/iced teas here are natural - no sugars or other sweeteners included.

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