24 August 2012

Announcement - The Japan! Japan! Blog

By the way, I just wanted to report that for a week I was in the Philippines where my internet connection was probably 100 times slower than here in Japan, and well, I didn't really had the chance to have Japanese bento to take photos of. And of course I enjoyed all the Filipino food I had during my one week vacation business trip to Manila. That explains why I didn't have any posts for about a week last week. In September, I'll be out of town again (back in Manila) for a personal visit and I hope to be able to visit some Japanese (or Japanese-themed) restaurants in Manila then, and upload photos of the bento there. But there's just that chance I'll have a two-week absence from regular blog posting in September.

At the same time, I've become quite busy yet again with tons of work and backlog that I need to attend to. I am scheduled to graduate in March and well it would really suck if I have to delay my graduation, even if that would probably mean more Japan! Japan! blog articles for you all.

And lastly, I should rant about Blogger having troubles with their post-by-email service. When I started posting photos of my bento meals, I had the convenience of being able to blog directly from my phone which I use to take photos of the bento. But in the past two or three weeks, that was not possible anymore and so it becomes a little bit more difficult to post new bento articles as soon as I can gobble them up. Add to that again, that I have become quite busy yet again.

Nonetheless, here's to more bento photos at least in the next couple of weeks!

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  1. "where my internet connection was probably 100 times slower than here in Japan" -- hahahahaha!