24 August 2012

Bento #39: Jaa-jaa-men

Sorry, no, Jar Jar Binks is not one of the Jaa-Jaa-Men. "Men" basically means (Chinese-style) noodles, as in ra-men (which I think is lo-mien in Chinese). And this is precisely just that. The noodles though feel almost like spaghetti. And in the end, it looks like spaghetti with meat sauce. Except it's not a tomato-based meat sauce; instead I would call it an Asian-style meat sauce. There was also some mushrooms (presumably as a filler that brings overall costs and calories down), and maybe the sauce was made primarily using soy sauce. While it may be labelled as "Japanese-syle" Chinese food, it doesn't exactly taste like Chinese nor Japanese to me. It really felt more like spaghetti. More like Asian-fusion spaghetti. As you can see it comes with a piece of "chingensai" which is similar to pechay in Tagalog/Filipino, or bokchoi or pakchai in Chinese, some bean sprouts, and some peppers. This jaa-jaa-men is only 398 yen, but I knew it wouldn't be enough so I ate it with one of my favorite yakitori from 3F, the 130 yen chikin sanzuku yaki. Lastly, note that when you buy this thing, the veggies are separated from the sauce and the noodles by a thin plastic film, and the sauce is not yet mixed with the noodles. Overall it was a good meal, but I don't think I'll enjoy the noodle bento so much by itself, although it's not bad by itself. It is just really better with more meat, particularly grilled meat. But then, maybe everything is better with grilled meat. :D