08 August 2012

Bento #33: Cabbage Fried Rice

Or "Kyabetsu Chaahan" in Japanese. 460 yen from 3F. There's 3 pieces of shrimp and some small pork bits. "Chaahan" is similar to "Chow Fan" in Chinese, which basically means fried rice. Obviously "chaa" means fried, as in "Chow Mien" which is essentially fried noodles, and "han" means rice. Delicious in a Chinese kind of way. Little bit oily, but I guess you get what you asked for. Not enough though, so I ate this with a chicken-egg-cabbage salad with sesame-miso dressing. Oh and notice the Chinese-style soup spoon that is served with this dish? That kind of spoon is called "renge" in Japanese. They call the "normal" silverware spoon as "supuun."

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