08 August 2012

Bento #34: Bibimbap Chicken + Chicken Sanzuku Yaki

Thanks to Rei for the photo!
This one is a special "bento" from 3F, selling for 490 yen. "Bibimbap" is actually a Korean dish as many of you might already know. There's lots of stuff in there, like carrots, bean sprouts, spinach, mushrooms (or seaweeds?), and the red spicy sauce on the chicken. There's also some nori to top the bibimbap. Oh and did you notice the packaging itself? It tries to resemble a sizzling plate on a wooden platform! This dish is quite delicious, but I did order a kind of yakitori (chicken barbecue) to go with it - "chikin sanzuku yaki" - with the chicken peppered with.. black pepper. :D

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