28 August 2012

Bento #41: some seafood spaghetti

430 yen from 3F. The seafood is only actually some mussel (shellfish) meat, as you might observe. I knew it wasn't going to be enough so I got me again a chicken stick (120 yen). I just found out that the chicken stick is not one solid cylindrical stick of chicken. It's actually a hollow cylindrical "tube" with mayo in the vacuum. Still, not bad for 120 yen, I think. In the spaghetti, there are some chopped chilis, and the sauce might be considered a white sauce but not really cream-based, and more likely (olive?) oil-based. I am not sure though if this is a "wafuu pasuta" (和風 or Wafu Pasta, where wafu stands for Japanese-style), but it didn't say "wafuu" on the label. "Fuu" (風) means style in this context, but it is the same sound and symbol for wind in some contexts, like "fuudo" (wind tunnel), although it might be pronounced "kaze" in other contexts where it is meant to be used as wind, like "kaze kougaku" (wind engineering). And as I've told you before, they rarely call spaghetti as supageetii; instead they more often call them just simply pasuta (pasta).

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