31 August 2012

Bento #45: "Ebi mayo daburu chiizu sarada"

For my main course tonight, I had something that I've already shown you before - this pork barbecue rice topping thing pictured on the left above. To complement it, I tried one of the new salad offerings at 3F (which is expensive at just over 300 yen). But it's probably a complete meal already for others. Its name translates to "Shrimp mayo double cheese salad." And that's what it is. Cheese balls, with shrimp in sweet mayo sauce (mixed with a little ketchup?) topped with some parmesan cheese, and cabbage and lettuce, with a sour/vinegar-based dressing. It was a very interesting combination of tastes; I liked it. But I wouldn't get this again just because it is just too expensive being within a 100 yen less than the price of my main course (which was at 398 yen).