29 August 2012

Bento #44: Demi Omu Raisu

That's the Japanese short form for "Rice topped with omelette and demi-glazed sauce." I've told you already before about how the Japanese like demi-glaze sauce. And here again, as you can see, they serve this with spoon, and I think to them this is not Japanese food. To me though, it has the kind of taste that you can only find in Japan. It was a little bit sweet. It was nice, but I never liked the idea of eating "omu raisu" without any other fried meat (like hotdogs, bacon, ham, corned beef which they call as hashed beef or "hashudo biifu" here, or Spam) to go with it. But again, I'm just glad I've tried it once. It is an expensive 498 yen bento though from 3F. As you can see there are some herbs sprinkled on the omelette, plus inside there are bits of mushrooms or lotus roots, and one very tiny bit of meat. The rice is also flavored; it was a little bit orange-reddish.

With this for dinner, and the shrimp-asparagus spaghetti for lunch, I almost had a no-meat day today (if you don't count the shrimp and the eggs as meat). I guess that's great. But let's see how hungry I will be by around 11:00pm tonight.

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