04 September 2012

Bento BreakTime #35: Pork cutlets with Nagoya-style miso sauce

The cafeteria is open again starting this week, after their summer vacation ("natsu yasumi") hayatus. Which only means more food for less. This one's only 441 yen (but almost 1000 calories) from the cafeteria, with "L"-size rice. It's called "Nagoya miso katsu" in Japanese. Comes with shredded kyabetsu (cabbage) which I dressed with my favorite, Italian dressing (though I really like it better with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, croutons, some onions, i.e. the usual salad veggies). By the way, I should mention that at the cafeteria, when you order "large" rice, you just say "Raisu, eru-saizu." For "medium" and "small" and "super small" rice, you say "emu," "esu," "esu-esu" instead of "eru." Say all that out loud and you'll know why if you haven't yet guessed.

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