28 September 2012

HND-HKG in-flight views and food

We're about to take off!
A few minutes in, the captain announces that we should be
able to see Mt. Fuji on the right-hand side. Luckily, I was
on a window seat on the right. And true enough, we can already
see Fuji-san to our front right, on the monitor (with the
camera attached just below the plane's body). 
First up, we see the Hakone area, with Lake Ashi
(Ashinoko in Japanese) front and center.
And there she is. Or he is. Or it is.

Why are clouds so nice to look at?
(As long as they aren't storm clouds.)
And here's my beef! Couldn't say that the beef dish is Japanese,
but the rice has been rolled like Japanese do them. It is delish,
though. It might be Chinese but it's not exactly Chinese Chinese,
IMHO. What's very Japanese here though, with a slight twist,
is the cold soba noodles - coloured pink. This is the first time
I ever saw pink soba noodles, though. 
It was just past dusk when we arrived in Hong Kong. Here's
a pretty nice view of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbour,
and the Kowloon Peninsula from the plane. Can you spot the
iconic Bank of China Tower? 
Anyways, I don't have a shot of the food on my HKG-MNL leg because it was unimpressive in both how it looked and how it tasted. It was just stuffed bread ("empanada"). I felt like I took a budget airline that was just forced to serve something just so the passengers will have less negative things to say about them.

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