28 September 2012

R Burger

R Burger. Two things I love. "R." and Burgers.
I ate here already once or twice already,
but not this time around. R Burger is not
commonplace around Tokyo, at least; I think
it might be just a Haneda International Airport
Their specialty is the Mt. Fuji Burger.
This is a plastic 1:1 model of the Mt. Fuji Burger.
It is 1,500 yen for a set meal with french fries, mini salad,
one drink. So expensive! That's why I never had one again.
Why is it so expensive? Because it uses wagyuu. I was
about to say wagyuu beef, but that's redundant. Gyuu already
means beef. The wa means Japanese-style in this case,
though it generally also means "us" (yes, them). The kanji for
wa (和) also means harmony. The Japanese way is to live
in harmony with others - other Japanese, most specially.
By the way, if you don't know why wagyuu is expensive,
you should consult Wikipedia about it.
The rest of the burger set meals are just 1,000 yen each.
All apparently made from wagyuu, too. 
And these are the plastic 1:1 models of all their other burgers.
They have white bread sandwiches, too.
Overall, I'd say R Burger is a must try. Whether you should eat there a second time is up to you. Personally, if I need to eat at the Haneda International Terminal, I'd eat at that ramen place I mentioned in the last post. But I guess this is a quicker eat than ramen, if time is limited. It's not ultra-fast, fastfood-like service at R Burger, though, so if you're really pressed for time, better just grab a snickers at one of the drugstores or souvenir stores near the boarding gates.

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