19 October 2012

Bento! #110: Buta Kimuchi Bentou

Like I said yesterday, this weekend is our school fair. The 45th one, if I'm not mistaken. By the main entrance, you might be able to read "工芸祭," our Kougei-Sai. The last kanji is, by itself, actually read as matsuri, or festival. Kougei means industrial arts, or crafts, or polytechnics - part of our school's full name which is Toukyou Kougei Daigaku, Tokyo Polytechnic University, or 東京工芸大学. Because it's our school fair, the cafeterias are closed so I had to go to the konbini (コンビニ / convenience store) to get my lunch.

Today I had this 498 yen Pork Kimchi Bento (豚キムチ弁当). The pork kimchi part actually has a lot of cabbage and bean sprouts. Not very spicy though. This also came with some nori topped rice, an egg (with soft-boiled yellow part inside), and a vermicelli, carrot, and bean sprout salad. The bean sprouts in the salad, FYI, which is from the more common mung bean type we have in the Philippines, is different from the bean sprouts in the pork kimchi, which is the more typical type of bean sprouts they have here in Japan. When I bought this bento, I didn't think it had enough veggies so I also bought the 158 yen salad that I usually get.

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