18 October 2012

Chokoreeto #5 and #6: My favorite Lotte Macadamia Nut Chocolates and another popular one, Crunky

The Lotte Macadamia Chocolates are my usual hunger busters. Crunky is another one I like, and I usually bring some of these as gifts when visiting home. :) I thought Crunky is similar to Nestle Crunch - well, it is in the way it feels when you eat 'em, but I think Nestle Crunch uses "rice crisps" while Crunky uses malt puffs. It's a fine combination indeed.

Hmmm, and now I just realized I like the Lotte brand of chocolates. They're a little less sweeter than the Meiji brand chocolates. So if you're into sweet stuff, you might want the Meiji versions of these Lotte brand chocolates. But for dark chocolate, I like the Meiji ones. How about you guys?

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