20 October 2012

Bento! #113: Omu Soba

As I mentioned earlier, this weekend if is Kougei-Sai, our school fair. There were a lot of food choices, the typical yakisoba, takoyaki, crepe (kureepu / クレープ), choco-banana, and so on. I got something that I haven't seen anywhere before. First, some photos at the school grounds.

"Kougei-Sai" sign and entrance gate

Kougei. Or Koogei. Or Kohgei. When Japanese romanize
some Nihongo words, they might spell 'em differently.

From the entrance leading to the main fair grounds.

No beer (actually it says nothing alcoholic),
no smoking, no pets, and no knives (or weapons). 

Ooh, they have a beauty pagent.

There was an ongoing show already, and not a very big audience.
Well, it's not a very big school. It's a private school, by the way.

There are rooms and halls here and there where there are some events.
I guess some of the people are in some of these rooms. I never know
what stuff happen here. It seems no one from my group are interested,
or well, to them (or us), work is more important than these things.
We are all, after all, at least 10 years older than most of these college kids.

This road leads to the cafeteria (which is closed as it is being used
for some event I don't know), and it is lined with food stalls on both sides.

Another view of that stage I showed you earlier.

And now, the main attraction. For me. Omu Soba
(オムそば). I guess, instead of rice in omu raisu (omelette
and rice), this one has soba instead. It was nice. It was 400 yen.
Yakisoba at the school fair is usually 300 yen, compared to
500 yen at public festivals or from street vendors. But I guess
I paid 100 yen for the egg. This also had cabbage, bean sprouts,
dried salty fish flakes, and mayo. This is supposedly my dinner,
but alas, I had to buy some onigiri from the konbini to supplement
this meal.

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