21 October 2012

Bento! #115 - Domu Domu Teriyaki Eggu Baagaa

I wanted to eat at McDonald's today, but certain circumstances prevented me
from doing so and instead lead me back to Dom Dom Hamburgers
(Domu Domu Hanbaagaa / ドムドムハンバーガー). I ordered their
Teriyaki Egg Burger set meal, and this is what they gave me. At first, I
was afraid that they got my order wrong; that they gave me a plain
Teriyaki Burger without the egg.

But why worry if they got my order wrong, right? It turns out, they heard
me just fine! Lots of lettuce, a small patty with sweet, seemingly soy-sauce-based
teriyaki sauce with some onions, and the egg. The normal set meal is 580 yen.

After one bite. Or maybe two.

Of course I have to have fries with my burger. I actually got "L" size fries
and drink. As usual, I ordered Dom Dom's version of Karaage, which are
basically like chicken fingers. I think I got Teri-Mayo and Tartar sauce
the last two times, so this time when they asked me what kind of sauce,
I said "spicy." I was surprised to get this I don't know it is kind of powdery dip instead.
It's spicy, sure. But do I dip the chicken in it? Or is it meant for the fries?
Do I shake the fries or the chicken or both in this? Anyways, it wasn't a
deal breaker. It was a delicious meal. I'd order their Teriyaki Egg Burger again.
Maybe I will order two, though. :D

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