25 October 2012

Bento! #121: Cafeteria okonomi katsu

I told you before about okonomiyaki / お好み焼き, where yaki means (teppan-)grilled, and well, okonomiyaki means "anything goes" or "whatever's available" grilled stuff. People refer to okonomiyaki as Japanese pancakes, Japanese omelette, or Japanese pizza. It's really neither of the three. By default, when you just simply buy okonomiyaki, you'll just get a veggie one, with mostly cabbage, and of course, the egg and flour which helps create the shape. You top it off at least with okonomi soosu / okonomi sauce and Japanese mayo. But it's also usually topped with some Japanese green herbs, and okaka / dried salty fish flakes. This one, is a katsu version of okonomiyaki - which is like chikin katsu but instead of chicken, you have (default) okonomi ingredients. It's nice, though by itself, it's not a meal, unlike the okonomiyaki you'd order at restaurants but mostly because there's no meat. So I did get a (pork) burger patty and one piece of shuumai / Chinese dumpling with other veggies, and rice and Chinese-style soup to go with it. With half-price rice this week, this is all just 421 yen.

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