02 October 2012

Bento! #87: Saba Tatsuta Don

Or "サバ竜田丼". Saba = mackerel. It is not usually written in katakana, though. Saba tatsuta = fried mackerel. I previously blogged about "Chikin tatsuta don," which is essentially the same as this one, which uses chikin (chicken) instead. Tatsuta seems to mean that the fried item is flat and closer to a square shape than, say, kakiage (flat but circular shape) or karaage (closer to a ball shape). Don = oh you know what that means already. The other difference between this and the chikin tatsuta don that I previously tried is that this comes with egg and some lettuce where as the chikin one only comes with negi or (spring) onions. I also expected this to be boneless - not the case. It wasn't too much though, so I'd order this again next time. Plus it's only 409 yen with "L" size rice (eru saizu raisu). With the miso soup, this is all just 440 yen. Yummy.

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