03 October 2012

Bento! #88: Natto Teishoku

I previously talked about a rather Western-infused breakfast I had at Yayoiken, but this time, I had the chance to try their more traditional Japanese-style breakfast. This one is "ナット定食" which roughly translates to fermented soy bean set meal. This one's a very high protein-laced breakfast with "nama tamago" or raw egg, and four kinds of soy-based products: miso soup, the natto, tofu, and well, the soy sauce which I used for dipping the nori (seaweed). I wanted to call it the fourfecta of soy, but well, there's no such word. Plus, there's no edamame (the soy beans themselves, ready-to-eat) so it's not really a complete picture of the soy family in Japanese cuisine. Anyway, together with the all-you-can-eat rice, this is all just 350 yen and it was a yummy breakfast. I guess officially I now have acquired taste for natto; this is the most I've had in one sitting! What's best though was that this meal was free, thanks to my friend, Rei. ごちそうさまでした!

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