04 October 2012

Bento! #89: Cafeteria food - Syake Tatsuta

This is totally 439 yen. The rice is around 150 yen, and the miso soup is 31 yen.  Syake is Nihongo for salmon. Tatsuta  - oh check out my earlier posts. :D  I also got this new kind of dessert they have, which has some rice cake balls and sweet red bean paste. By the way, I took this photo already halfway into my meal - sorry about that!
These are the prices at the "buffet" cafeteria. For the soup (choice of miso or Chinese-style soup), 31 yen per cup. For the rice, 50 yen per 100g. For everything else (the "buffet" part), it's 140 yen per 100g. At the top, the "ビュッフェ コーナー" or "byuffee koonaa" - buffet corner.

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