05 October 2012

Bento! #92: Cafeteria food - Kuriimu Chiizu Menchi

Two pieces of cream cheese and minced meat croquettes with fries is 294 yen. You can probably guess now what is Kuriimu Chiizu and Menchi. I got too much rice and oranges (and some broccoli) from the salad bar, and this was all around 578 yen.

I've tried this before and well, it was fine, but it wasn't something I really look forward to trying again. But so that I can blog about it and you guys can learn about it, well here I am. :D  I like cream cheese, and that's what makes this thing surprisingly taste better than it looks, but well, it's far from being one of my favorites. Oh and guess what sauce they put on those things - yup, it's デミソース / demi soosu / demi-glaze sauce.

I also previously thought that menchi meant minced/ground beef, but looking at the meat in this thing, it felt more like pork than beef. But I'm still not sure. I also feel like there's a lot of other fillers in there, like potatoes maybe, but again, I'm not sure. That all said, it's something interesting enough to try at least once; I recommend you try it when you get the chance and you haven't yet.

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