05 October 2012

Bento! #91: Cafeteria 'buffet' food - Hamu Katsu to Chikin Tatsuta

Whoa, was this expensive. Hamu katsu = ハムカツ = Ham cutlets. I just found out that Katsu is indeed short for katsuretsu. Chikin tatsuta = チキン竜田 = Japanese tatsuta-style fried chicken. I also had some spinach (hourensou; ほうれん草), cherry tomatoes, and that rice balls and sweet bean paste dessert thing again. This time, I also had 中華汁 / chuukashiru / Chinese-style soup, which had egg, seaweed (not the same as the nori in sushi), and a non-miso-based broth. This was all rather expensive at around 539 yen, I think because it had too much meat.

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