02 November 2012

Bento! #134: Potato something something butter something something

I am not sure what this is exactly, but I smelled butter and immediately grabbed some of this (the one on the left) from the "buffet" cafeteria. The only words I read from the label were poteto / ポテト / potato, and bataa / バター / butter. There was also pork and onions. Basically most of it is potato and onions, but I got more pork than potatoes instead. I put 'em all on top of a bed of lettuce.

I also got two pieces of fried ("Japanese-style" Chinese) dumplings / age gyouza / 揚げ餃子. The age part is the same as that in karaage. The gyoza here, or jiaozi in Chinese, and particularly the fried kind, is said to be Japanese-style or a little bit different from gyoza you'd find in China, according to my Mandarin-speaking friends from Northern China. Okay. Anyways, I also got me some miso soup, which has little tofu cubes instead of the fried flat ones in previous ones I ordered. I think this was all just a little bit over 500 yen.

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