02 November 2012

Bento! #135: Hot and sour / Sichuan-style rice bowl of autumn vegetables

"L" size for 409 yen. It's 秋野菜の麻婆丼 / aki yasai no maabo don. Aki = autumn. Yasai = vegetables. But combine the kanji for autumn and the first one for yasai as one word, and it's pronounced akino. The autumn veggies are just simply eggplants and lotus roots. It's a little bit spicy -- typical characteristic of Sichuan-style food, but this one's just right. Oh, and of course this came with soft-boiled egg. :D  Oh and it did have some ground pork in there. All in all, it was great. My first impression was that it might be like the pinakbet of Filipino cuisine, but it's a little bit different from that.

I also ordered my usual dessert -- but have I told you guys already? For the longest time, I thought this was almond jelly / annin doufu, and it's also because that's what everyone (Japanese, Chinese, and myself) think it is. I just read the label, finally, at the cafeteria and it's actually miruku purin / ミルクプリン / milk pudding. So it is. It is still yummy, though.

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