07 November 2012

Bento! #140: Chikin Nagetto

I think this one is 298 yen from the supermarket. Note that in Japanese,
they don't exactly have plural forms for nouns. You add an adjective
or counter to make one plural. Hence, "chicken nugget" / チキンナゲット
 for a bunch of chicken nuggets. One time I tried to order chicken nuggets
from a fastfood place, and I mistakenly said chikin nagetsu, which of course
was easy enough to understand for them. One exception I can think of right
now is the Japanese use of the word furuutsu / フルーツ / fruit(s), which
they interchangeably use as singular or plural in some instances,
like in fruit juice / furuutsu juusu / フルーツジュース. They do also have
more native words for both fruit and fruit juice; i.e. kudamono / 果物,
and kajuu / 果汁, respectively.

By the way, the packaging also says ボリュームパック / boryuumu pakku /
volume pack; i.e. it's a lot of nuggets for just around 300 yen, whereas you
might get say an order of 5 pieces of nuggets from McDonald's for maybe
half that. That being said, there is another one with even more nuggets for
680 yen. Well, let's just say I'm not really a big nuggets eater but I do want
some every now and then. I don't think it's worth buying that 680 yen pack.

Taking them all out straight from the freezer.

After heating in the toaster and the microwave, before eating.
I ate them dipped in ketchup and with rice. I ran out of
ketchup so I ate some of them with sweet chili sauce.

After eating and just before storing back in the fridge.
Can you guys count how many pieces I ate?


  1. ayos lang. kelangan ng dipping sauce, parang kulang ang ketchup. okay din with sweet chili sauce.