14 November 2012

Bento! #149: "W soup" soy-sauce-flavored ramen noodle soup

409 yen from the cafeteria.
I didn't really know how to translate what this is directly. The label at the cafeteria says "Wスープ醤油ラーメン / W suupu shouyu raamen" and they explain that it is normal shouyu ramen (ramen noodles in "soy-sauce-based soup") but that it comes also with "fish and chicken soup" (or fish and chicken stock). I don't know why that's called a "W soup." Anyways, it was not bad at all. I really like the smell and taste of nori. But of course, there were the usual suspects in this ramen dish: chaashuu / チャーシュー / char siu / roasted pork slices, lotus roots, leeks / negi, and egg. Yum. By the way, today I'm translating "shouyu raamen" as "ramen noodle soup with soy sauce flavoring," but raamen is almost always ramen noodle soup here, so if I just say ramen, I mean ramen noodle soup. For your additional info, ramen comes from laa mien in Chinese. At the "Taiwanese" restaurant yesterday, the Chinese servers, though speaking in Japanese, were pronouncing ramen as raamien, instead of raamen.

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