14 November 2012

Bento! #150 & #151: Taiyaki and a popular snack

Both courtesy of my "officemate," HYK. Thanks! Taiyaki literally means "baked sea bream," a type of Japanese fish-shaped cake.

Oh, why is my white tissue looking purplish? I didn't shoot this with an iPhone 5! This is an iPhone 4! :(
Anyways, this one's good enough as a light meal.

I thought there was some fish inside, almost like a (fish) meat pie, but apparently this one is filled with the most common filling -- a red bean paste made from sweetened azuki beans.

This is a rather popular snack here in Japan, but of course most specially for kids.
I think I already featured one before. It's just 10 yen each, I think. The label says "Umai
/ うまい" -- i.e. nice.

It is supposedly "koon potaaju / コーンポタージュ / corn potage" flavor. Quite nice.
Not something new to my taste though. But the sweet corn flavor? Oh yes, to me,
Japan owns it.

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