15 November 2012

Bento! #152: "It's all because of you, I'm feeling sad and blue."

A.K.A. the lyrics of "Sukiyaki." (If you're not an early 90's kid like me, you probably don't get it -- that's fine.)

399 yen from the cafeteria; 504 yen with "M" size rice.
This is sukiyaki nabe / すき焼き鍋 , a pot (nabe) of sukiyaki, although sukiyaki is always cooked in a pot. Yum. And this one, cheap. A little sweet, though. There's beef strips. Leeks (or is it more properly called scallions?). Tofu. Some noodles. Cabbages. Yum. Absent here though, are mushrooms and raw egg, which more typical sukiyaki versions have.

Apparently, the first sukiyaki restaurant in Japan was in Yokohama. It's now widely known as a Japanese dish, but apparently, cows, milk, meat and eggs were not so common in Japan until they opened up to the world back in the 1800's. (Source: Wikipedia)  Speaking of Yokohama, here's a video of 4PM, the group who sang the popular English pop/R&B song titled "Sukiyaki", performing live and a cappella in Yokohama, Japan in 1995:

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