25 November 2012

Bento! #163: Buy outside, eat inside

Bunch of different stuff I bought from the supermarket (suupaa / スーパー) and from the convenience store (konbini / コンビニ). Frozen fried chicken from Thailand, microwaved. "Green salad" (guriin sarada / グリーンサラダ) from Lawson (rooson / ローソン) . Ceasar salad dressing (shiizaa sarada doresshingu / シーザーサラダドレッシング). Instant rice, microwaved. And, "Cut fruit" (katto furutsu / カットフルツ). I only ate half of the "cut fruit(s)," so this
was a meal for just under 300 yen. Nice. It helps that I'm cutting down on carbs (i.e. rice). :D

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